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Participating News Organizations

This project was made possible through the cooperation and professional spirit of news organizations that granted permission to post or link to scores of stories on this site free of charge, even though many of those stories are among the most embarrassing mistakes that those organizations have ever made. The news outlets made this contribution for the greater good of helping journalists learn from those mistakes and reducing the infiltration of fake stories into news reports. The Philip Merrill College Journalism thanks them for their generosity.

The following organizations granted permission to post or link to stories on the Hoax Project Web site:

    Albany Times-Union
    American Journalism Review
    Baltimore City Paper
    Baltimore Sun
    Battle Creek Enquirer
    The Beacon News (Aurora, Ill.)
    Body Talk
    Boston Herald
    Campus Life
    Capital Times (Madison, Wis.)
    Chattanooga Times Free Press
    Columbia Journalism Review
    The Columbian (Vancouver, Wash.)
    The Daily Evergreen (Pullman, WA)
    The Daily Herald (Arlington Height, Il.)
    The Daily News (N.Y)
    Dallas Morning News and Times Herald
    Detroit Free Press
    Editor and Publisher
    Flavor Online
    Fort Worth Star-Telegram
    The Forum (Fargo, N.D.)
    Honolulu Star Bulletin
    Houston Chronicle
    Jewish World Review
    L.A. Weekly
    London Evening Standard
    Los Angeles Times
    Maui News
    Miami New Times
    Morning Sentinel (Centralia, Ill.)
    The New York Times
    The Onion
    Online Journalism Review
    Philadelphia City Paper
    Philadelphia Daily News
    Philadelphia Inquirer
    The Piltdown Plot
    The Poynter Institute
    The Quill
    The Record (Hackensack, N.J.)
    San Francisco Chronicle
    San Francisco Examiner
    Seattle Times
    Spartanburg Herald-Journal (S.C.)
    The Times-Picayune
    Toronto Globe and Mail
    Vital Stats
    The Washington Post
    The Weekly Standard
    Willamette Week (Ore.)
    Wisconsin State Journal
    WNYC Radio (N.Y.)
    Youth Today