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Journalism 772 and 472: Computer-Assisted Reporting

Philip Merrill College of Journalism

University of Maryland

Spring 2005


Student presentation Web sites:


Jackie – Licensed Professionals


Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing


Maryland Branch, Chapter, Local, Regional Organized Labor and Union Web Site Links


Public Citizen Health Research Group




National Practitioner Data Bank


Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Maryland Board of Pharmacy



“Teachers Who Fail.  A Survey of Certification-Test Scores Yields Alarming Results”

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, December 12, 2004


Sidebar: “How We Did This Story”

SHT, December 12, 2004


Related Article: “State Fights to Prevent Access to Teacher Information”

SHT, December 12, 2004




Rachael – Environment


The Society of Environmental Journalists


The Environmental Protection Agency


The Right to Know Network


Database sites:


The Right to Know Network


The Environmental Protection Agency's Envirofacts Data Warehouse




“Lead levels in water misrepresented across the U.S.;

Utilities manipulate or withhold test results to ward off regulators”

The Washington Post

Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2004



Chris L. – Real estate


Lincoln County, NC Tax Assessor's Office- GIS Lookup

Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council- Geocoding System

The Real Estate Center at Texas A & M University (building permit activity)

Downloadable Data:

King County, Washington-- Tax Assessor's Office

U.S. Census Bureau FTP site

Department of Housing and Urban Development Data




“Housing partnership clients often trapped in overpriced homes”
Dan Stockman, The Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Sept. 20, 2004

”Let's Make a Deal: State Often Gives Lease Discounts”
Associated Press

Sept. 12, 2004

”Eastlake Taxed Property Owners Extra $5 Million”
Mark Gillispie,  The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio)

Sept. 11, 2004



Andrew W. – Real estate


U.S. Census Bureau, Maryland Population Density Data


Maryland Department of Taxation and Assessment, Real Property Data


U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, Homes and Communities


Maryland Real Estate




U.S. Census Bureau, Maryland Population Density Data


Maryland Department of Taxation and Assessment, Real Property Data Search


Urban Land Institute: Project Reference Files Database


U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, Maryland Projects Database




“Winners and Losers: The 1994 Citrus County Tax Roll”

St. Petersburg Times, January 1, 1995.




More on real estate and lending practices


“Landmark Predatory Lending Suit Settled; 7-Year Fight Can End With Judge's Approval”

The Washington Post, Feb. 24, 2005


“FTC Sues Capital City Mortgage Over Lending Practices”

The Washington Post, January 30, 1998


“BORROWING TROUBLE,” The Washington Post, May 5-6, 2005

“Lender Challenged on Foreclosures; Capital City's Troubled Mortgages in D.C. Expose Homeowners to Property Loss”

“After One Church's Eviction, a Second Faces a Worse Fate”

“High-Rate Lenders Get Low Priority; D.C.'s Lack of Regulation Opens Loopholes”



Dorcas – The world of the disadvantaged


Maryland Department of Human Resources


The Casey Journalism Center on Children and Families


Institute for Research on Poverty


Center on Hunger and Poverty




The Urban Institute’s National Survey of America’s Families




KIDS Count, The Annie E. Casey Foundation


American Community Survey, U.S. Census Bureau


Reporting Project:

Three Part Series: “The working poor: Hard work, hard times”

By Heath Foster, Paul Nyhan and Phuong Cat Le, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

February 9, 2005


Resource List:



Janice –World of the disadvantaged


U.S. Census Bureau


Welfare Information Network


The National Center for Children in Poverty




U.S. Census Bureau


U.S. Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service




“Working hard doesn’t work for thousands of NE Ohioans: More and more are classified as working poor”

The Plain Dealer, September 5, 2004



Katie – Education


National Education Association


Education Writers Association


U.S. Department of Education




National Center for Education Statistics


U.S. Department of Education (Grant Award Database)




“Schools toying with test results: Some states meet standards with art of statistics”

Chicago Tribune, Sept. 28, 2003,1,4312257.story?ctrack=1&cset=true


No Child Left Behind Story Archive – Chicago Tribune,1,6963212.storygallery


“For homeless, no place like school”

Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 8, 2005



Rachel F. – Education


Education Writers Association


Center on Education Policy


U.S. Department of Education




Department of Education Grant Award Database


No Child Left Behind Report Wizard




"Black Teachers Are Hard to Find"

By Rebekah Denn, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

March 15, 2002



Amos – Law enforcement


University of Michigan Crime Statistics, United States


Commission for Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies


Racial Profiling Data Collection Resource Center,

Northeastern University




Department of Education, Crime Statistics


Report Generator, Racial Profiling Data Collection Center




“Police Commander Indicted, Sources Say”

Susan Levine and Lori Montgomery

The Washington Post

Dec. 10, 2003




Brooke – Nonprofit organizations:




Maryland Charities Database


Internet Nonprofit Center




IRS Tax Exempt Organizations Records,,id=97186,00.html


The Urban Institute




“Charity Begins at Home”

 Boston Globe

an occasional series of investigative stories  on nonprofit organizations




Andrew Johnson – Nonprofit organizations


National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy


Capital Research Center




Internal Revenue Service,,id=97186,00.html






“IRS documents show ties between charity, sex cult;

Tax-exempt foundation that raises money for projects around world denies links to sect”

Don Lattin, The San Francisco Chronicle

February 6, 2005



Caroline – Legislative branch


Center for Responsive Politics




General Accounting Office




American University Campaign Finance


Lobbyist Reports




“Financial Disclosures Don’t Always Add Up”

St. Petersburg Times



Melissa – Legislative branch


Maryland General Assembly


Center for Responsive Politics’


Library of Congress – Thomas


Project Vote Smart




Federal Election Commission

Detailed Files about Candidates, Parties and Other Committees



Sites for State Races: Data Sources, Specific State Sites


Center for Responsive Politics

Lobbyists Database:




“Don Perata: Influence, family and political favors”

San Francisco Chronicle

Jan. 23, 2005


Maya – Executive branch


Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents


Federal Web Locator


National Association of Government Communicators




U.S. Census Bureau: Federal, State, and Local Government Data


U.S. Census Bureau: Federal Assistance Award Data System




“Mayoral meals cost taxpayers thousands”

The Plain Dealer



Eugenia – Executive branch


The Federal Register 
FedWorld.Gov: A Program of the United States Department of Commerce 
National Governors' Association 

U.S. Budget on the Federal Register 
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents on the Federal Register 

Bills that Affect Federal Employees 
"Troubles Come Home to Inspector:

Independent Survey Finds 100 Deficiencies in Official's Properties;

'At or near point of no return'; Code enforcer got little scrutiny" 
The Baltimore Sun, January 28, 1996
(Available through Sun archives)



Mari – Judical branch


The Federal Judiciary


FindLaw for Legal Professionals


National Center for State Courts




Federal Justice Statistics Resource Center


National Archive of Criminal Justice Data: Analyze Data




“Key figures point to lack of manpower, leadership”

By Jerry Mitchell

The Clarion Register, Jackson, Miss.

Feb. 27, 2005



Robert – Law enforcement


Bureau of Justice Statistics State and Local Law Enforcement Statistics


Criminal Justice Journalists




FBI Uniform Crime Reports


National Archive of Criminal Justice Data


Reporting Project:

“Shootings ravage city neighborhoods”

By Nathan Gorenstein, Barbara Boyer and Rose Ciotta

Philadelphia Inquirer

March 20, 2005


Interactive Map Graphic:




Lisa - Judicial branch


Federal Bureau of Prisons




U.S. Department of Justice




Bureau of Justice Statistics


Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics




"Justice Withheld"

The Miami Herald

Sunday, January 25, 2004



Liz – Environment


The United States Environmental Protection Agency


The Society of Environmental Journalists


The Maryland Department of the Environment




The Toxicology Data Network


EPA - Envirofacts Data Warehouse




"A Town Left to Die"

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Nov. 18, 1999



Daniel – Licensed Professionals


MD Board of Physicians


MD Dept. of Labor, Licensing and Regulation


MD Attorney Grievance Commission


The Federation of State Medical Boards of The United States, Inc.


Public Citizen .


Airmen Search


The Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR):


Supplies links to sites for professionals in areas such as Nursing:




Vermont State Databases


Texas Licensing




“Records Show Just Half of State's Firearms Dealers Inspected in 3 Years”

By Chris Kotterman, Capital News Service
December 14, 2004




Chris S. – Health care


he Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

The Health Letter

National Institutes of Health


Manufacturer and User Facility Experience Data

National Council of State Boards of Nursing Disciplinary Actions Data


“Dangerous Care: Nurses' Hidden Role in Medical Error”
Michael J. Berens, Chicago Tribune

Sept. 10, 2000 (3-part series),1,2682439.story?ctrack=1&cset=true



Kelly – Health care


United States Department of Health & Human Services


Agency for Health Care Research and Quality


Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygenine


Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations




National Center for Health Statistics Data Warehouse


Veteran Data and Information - Department of Veterans Affairs




"Will your ER be there for you?"

Diane Solov and Regina McEnery, The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio)

April 1, 2001




Eugene – Transportation


General Accounting Office


U.S. Department of Transportation


U.S. Coast Guard


Data on the Web


National Transportation Safety Board


Federal Railroad Administration




“Deadly teen auto crashes show a pattern”

Jayne O’Donnell, USA Today

March 1, 2005




Laurie – Transportation


Maryland State Department of Transportation


National Transportation Safety Board


Federal Railroad Administration




Fatality Analysis Reporting System


Federal Aviation Association


National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration




"Death on the Tracks"

By Walt Bogdanich, The New York Times

December 30, 2004



April – International


United Nations


International Journalists' Network


Global News Index, Media Channel




U.S. Census Bureau – International Data Base (IDB)


World Bank Group – Online Databases




“Civil claims provide glimpse into war's impact on Iraqi citizens”

Dayton Daily News

October 23, 2004


“Detainees file claims over abuses, confiscated funds”

Dayton Daily News

October 25, 2004



Mike – Business


U.S. Security and Exchange Commission


Equal Employment Oppurtunity Commission


Small Business Administration


Database Sites


U.S. Security and Exchange Commission EDGAR






"Refinery Warned in 1992: OSHA report cited dangerous ventilation stack"

The Houston Chronicle

April 8, 2005



Tiane – Financial institutions


US Securities and Exchange Commission


U.S. Office of Comptroller of the Currency


Board of Governors of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation




SEC Edgar Database


National Credit Union Administration




“Dream Turns to Nightmare”

 The Journal Gazette, Fort Wayne, IN

September 20, 2004



Nick – Utilities


The Maryland Public Service Commission:


Nuclear Regulatory Committee:


Energy Information Administration:




Federal Energy Regulatory Committee:


Consumer Confidence Reports for all Drinking Water Systems in Wisconsin:$.startup




“Lead Levels In Thousands Found in D.C.”

The Washington Post

March 4, 2004




Ruben – Financial institutions


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation


National Credit Union Administration


U.S. Office of Thrift Supervision


Commissioner of Financial Regulation, Maryland


Conference of State Bank Supervisiors




FDIC: Call Reports/Thrift Financial Reports


National Credit Union Administration: Custom Reports




"NY's minority loan practices draw interest"

New York Business

May 2, 2005