Walter Reed


Miost recent issues:

Public editor (readers’ representative) at The New York Times  takes the paper to task for being slow off the mark to cover Walter Reed scandal:


Conditions at Walter Reed, private contracts, political connections:


Army surgeon general forced to retire; temporary replacement also reportedly critical of recent coverage, referring to the “media assaults on Walter Reed and our senior leaders” and arguing that “the media makes money on negative stories not by articulating the positive in life”:



Washington Post Web page for series and follow-ups


Washington Post (coverge to March 5, 2007)

Conditions - Part1 (Feb. 18):

Conditions - Part 2 (Feb. 19):

Cleanup starts:

More cleanup; outrage voiced:

President weighs in:

Army brass weighs in:

Army surgeon general (former WR commander) criticizes Post:

Column: “stagecraft” and “whitewash”:

Army PR officials tried to preempt Post exposé; WR commander criticizes Post:

Sec. of Defense Gates promises accountability, orders review:

Findings of 2006-2007 Army probe of WR:

Who knew what when:

WR commander sacked, replaced by the Army surgeon general who had been critic of Post series: 

Army secretary is ousted, acting WR commander (who reportedly deemed Post series “yellow journalism”) is replaced, Bush to name commission:

Defense secretary serious about accountability (March 3):

Ombudsman: “A Powerful Story at Walter Reed” -

“It Is Just Not Walter Reed” -

Congressional hearings to start -



The New York Times (coverage to March 3)

Sec. of Defense Gates promises action on WR (Feb. 24):

WR commander sacked; Web site includes “Back Story” conversation with NYT reporter about the disclosures by Post and other news organizations (March 2):

Army secretary ousted: