Data Acquisition Assignment links

Jour 772 & 472


·        Link:  Data Acquisition Assignment requirements for this semester

·        Link:  Guidelines for making written requests for data in this assignment

·        Link:  Databases pursued by students in past semesters

·        Link:  Examples of database documentation


Supplemental materials:

·        Examples of student letters requesting databases (note – These are just samples; in your own letters, follow the wording requirements in the set of guidelines above)

o   Link:  Sample letter 1

o   Link:  Sample letter 2

·        Link:  Washington Post request for Maryland Lottery data and the agency’s response

·        Link:  Importing databases files into Access from various text formats

·        Lists and discussions of data file types and file extensions

o   Link:  A tip sheet on file formats prepared by Jeff South at VCU. It was prepared before some of the most recent file types were created, but it is still a useful guide to file types you may encounter when requesting data from government agencies.

o   Link: searchable database of file extensions.

o   Link: has a searchable database of file extensions.

o   Link: This is another searchable database of file types.

·        Link:  “The Top 38 Excuses Government Agencies Give …”

·        Link:  The process of acquiring data in the newsroom


Schedule of presentations: Link