Data Analysis Readings


The assignment:


You will find nine items here four quotations, two cartoons, two essays, and the program from the first IRE conference in 1976.


For each of these nine items, write a sentence or two about why you think it was included in a set of readings intended to prepare you for a discussion on approaches to data analysis. This should be typed single-spaced. One page should do it. That page should have nine elements, one for each of the nine items below:


The readings:

  Items 1-5: Quote from Maclean, Pasteur, Moyers, and Quiller-Couch, and a Dilbert cartoon

  Item 6: New Yorker Cartoon

  Item 7: On Being A Doctor: Curioisty, by Faith T. Fitzgerald

  Item 8: The Median Isnt the Message, by Stephen Jay Gould

  Item 9: Program from the first IRE convention, Indianapolis, 1976