Reading assignment: “Fatal Flaws”

Jour 772 & 472



In our continued discussion of the data acquisition project, we will talk about some of the   issues that arose during the reporting of “Fatal Flaws,” a four-day series on unsolved homicides in the District of Columbia.  The series ran in The Washington Post between Dec. 3 and Dec. 6, 2000.


To get the most out of that discussion, have a look at the main stories in each of the four days and the graphics.  As you go through the series, think about what sorts of databases might have been useful in reporting on the District’s track record in solving homicides – and what databases you believe were actually used here.


Here are the links to the four parts:


Ø      Part 1 – stories

Ø      Part 1 – map/graphic

Ø      Part 2 – stories

Ø      Part 2 – graphics

Ø      Part 3 – stories and graphics

Ø      Part 4 – stories and graphics