Hurricane Andrew:




Miami Herald analysis of Hurricane Andrew damage

Images are from:  Mapping the News, by David Herzog






Wind speed contours mapped by NOAA – highest winds are in red






Map of lowest barometric pressure (colors) and highest wind velocity (lines) sustained be each area.  In the oval in the center, winds reached 133 mph.






Percentages of homes deemed uninhabitable:    Orange is highest; orange and yellow are for areas where more than 50% were rendered uninhabitable by Hurricane Andrew:




In the map on the left, each orange dot represents 10 homes that could not be repaired.  Each blue dot represents 10 damaged homes that could be repaired.


In the map on the right, shows the relative severity of damage to homes built since 1980.  Orange rectangles are areas where these homes were damaged to a greater extent than other nearby homes.  Green areas show where the homes built since 1980 fared better than nearby homes.





The story:




Value of the analysis to the newspaper’s overall hurricane coverage: