Indicators of Child Well-Being


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Child poverty 2001:


Poverty rate among single-parent families, 2001:


Median family income for families with children, 2001:


Female-headed families getting child support, 2001:


Low-birthweight babies, 2001:


Births to unmarried women, 2001:


Births to mothers with less than 12 years of education, 2001:


Prenatal care, 2001:


Child deaths per 100,000, 2001


Children 17 or below without health insurance, 2001:


Children without a telephone at home, 2001:


Children without a vehicle at home, 2001:


Children in immigrant families, 2000-2002:


Child population by race, 2001:


Fourth-grade reading proficiency, 2002:


Eighth-grade writing proficiency 2002: