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§         Children and Education

o       Daycare Center Inspections (CBS4, Miami, Fla.)

o       Poor Neighborhoods, Untested Teachers (The Washington Post)

§         Culture:

o       What’s Cooking on Thanksgiving (The New York Times)

o       How Different Groups Spend Their Day (The New York Times)

o       The Ebb and Flow of Movies: Box Office Receipts 1986 — 2008 (The New York Times)

o       Where the Stars Are:  Paris Hilton (The Los Angeles Times)

o       Did Hilton Get Special Treatment? (The Los Angeles Times)

o       Stay Frosty: The Coldest Beer in Baltimore Tested by the City Paper I-Team (Baltimore City Paper)

§         Demographics

o       Immigration (The New York Times)

o       Patchwork Nation (Christian Science Monitor)

§         Economy:

o       Increase in usage of food stamps, 2007-2009 (The New York Times)

o       Foreclosures  (The New York Times)

§         Government benefits:

o       Denial rates at Social Security hearing offices, 2005-08 (The News Journal / DelwareOnline)

§         Health

o       Swine flu worldwide (The New York Times)

o       Too Young to Die: Infant Mortality (San Francisco Chronicle)

o       A Hidden Shame: Death in Georgia’s Mental Hospitals (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

§         Politics:

o       House Democrats Who Voted Against the Health Care Bill (The New York Times)

o       2008 Election Guide (The New York Times)

o       Inaugural Words: 1789 to the Present (The New York Times)

§         Sports

o       Gold medals (The New York Times)

o       Serena Williams's Professional Career (The New York Times)

§         Transportation

o       Mapping parking tickets (The New York Times)

o       Long Island Railroad Work Rules (The New York Times)

o       Long Island Railroad: Retirement and Disability (The New York Times)

§         Urban life:

o       “What’s the 311?” Animal nuisance calls  and Blighted properties (Baltimore City Paper)

§         War:

o       Casualties of War (The New York Times)

§         Weather:

o       Hurricane Andrew damage (The Miami Herald)



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o       EveryBlock – DC

§         Calls for service

§         Crime

§         Road construction