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Journalists as Hoaxers

The Washington Post investigation
of the Jimmy's World hoax

Note: This story is divided into nine sections, with the links to each at the bottom of the pages.

The Washington Post
April 19, 1981

By Bill Green

In alphabetical order, here are the editors and reporters referred to or quoted in these reports:

  • Vivian Aplin-Brownlee, 34, editor of the District Weekly.
  • Karlyn Barker, 34, metropolitan staff reporter.
  • Benjamin C. Bradlee, 59, executive editor.
  • Milton Coleman, 34, city editor.
  • Janet Cooke, 26, metropolitan staff reporter assigned first to the District Weekly and then to the city staff.
  • Herb Denton, 37, former city editor, now national staff reporter.
  • Donald Graham, 37, publisher of The Washington Post.
  • Blaine Harden, 29, former metropolitan staff reporter, now assigned to the national staff and The Washington Post Magazine.
  • Neil Henry, 26, metropolitan staff reporter assigned to the Maryland staff.
  • Stan Hinden, 54, Weekly editor, in charge of the District, Maryland and Virginia weeklies that appear in the Thursday Post.
  • Bo Jones, 34, lawyer for The Washington Post.
  • David Maraniss, 31, deputy metropolitan editor and Maryland editor.
  • Courtland Milloy, 29, city staff reporter.
  • Jonathan Neumann, 30, metropolitan staff reporter.
  • Joanne Omang, 38, national staff reporter.
  • Donnie Radcliffe, 51, reporter for the Style section.
  • Sandy Rovner, 52, reporter for the Style section.
  • Howard Simons, 51, managing editor.
  • Lewis Simons, 42, metropolitan staff reporter assigned to the regional desk.
  • Elsa Walsh, 23, reporter for the Virginia Weekly.
  • Tom Wilkinson, 44, assistant managing editor for personnel.
  • Robert U. (Bob) Woodward, 38, assistant managing editor-Metro.