Ira Chinoy

Philip Merrill College of Journalism


Office:  2100K Knight Hall


Phone:  301-405-8208




Journalism History, Roles and Structures

JOUR200 (Spring 2018)


Researching Emerging Media in Journalism: Past, Present and Future

JOUR476 (Spring 2018)


Computer-Assisted Reporting 

JOUR772 (Fall 2012)


History as Context for Emerging Media in Journalism

JOUR479W (Winter 2012)


Seminar in Mass Media History

JOUR610 (Fall 2011)


Mining the National Archives

JOUR774 (Summer 2011)


Supervised Internship

JOUR399 (Summer 2005)


News Reporting and Writing:

JOUR201 (Spring 2002)



Other instruction:

Special programs and training sessions